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Claremore / Pryor Area

Pryor’s Gracyn Rains – Coast Guard “Always Ready” Athlete

Every good athlete knows that success does not just happen on its own. It does not just magically appear one day. Instead, it has to be earned. And it is earned in the offseason and at practice more than it is during game day. Gracyn Rains knows what she has done in order to achieve her level of success. “There is a lot that goes into being successful,” she said. “Determination, hard work, and a love for the game continually pushes me toward success.  It keeps me motivated.”

Rains is a junior at Pryor High School. She plays pitcher and outfielder on the softball field and is the one bag on the golf team. She is no stranger to either sport as she has been playing softball for 12 years and golf for seven years.

Rains says that she is blessed with a lot of great people in her life but she says that there is one person that is the biggest influence on her life. “My sister, Olivia Rains, is a big role model for me,” she stated. “She has taught me to chase my dreams even if it seems impossible. She has taught me that determination and hard work can get you where you want to go.”

Gracyn has had some great experiences during her years of playing sports, but she says that her favorite moment was when she was able to play for it all. “The highlight of my athletic career has been the opportunity to compete for state championships in the two sports I love, softball and golf,”she said. “Nothing is better than that.”

Rains is also heavily involved in clubs outside of her sports. “I am an officer in the National Honors Society,” she said. “I am also a member of the Native American National Honors, Native American Club, and a selected representative for the Cherokee Youth Tribal Council. Along with those, I am active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Impact Council, and student council.”

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