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Claremore / Pryor Area

Pryor’s Joshua Gore – Athlete of the Month – Presented by Rhett Minson State Farm

In the story of Joshua Gore’s baseball career, there isn’t a defined starting point that he can remember. 

“There’s no specific time I started playing baseball,” Gore said. “In my earliest memories I always remember doing something related to baseball, whether it was playing catch with my parents or swinging a bat around. I fell in love with it around third grade or so, because my mom would stay outside with me for countless hours throwing whiffle balls to me. I felt as if we bonded out there together.” 

Gore said his junior season at Pryor High School is going well, and they are hoping to make a deep run in the playoffs during 2021. 

“We’re doing great,” he said. “Our pitchers always go out there and do a great job, and that makes my job as an outfielder so much easier. Everyone always comes into practice or games with a great attitude and confidence. It doesn’t matter if we have a short thirty-minute practice or we’re playing a state championship game, the boys are always locked in.” 

When it comes to what sets Gore apart on the field, he acknowledged that some things he works for, and others he was blessed with. 

“It’s my size and speed,” he said. “It’s not every day you see a 6’5, 200-pound guy stealing bases every pitch. My longer wingspan also allows me to cover a lot more area in the outfield than the average person. I would also say my longer arms allow me to get a little more bat speed in the batter’s box.” 

A good character is something that is worked towards, Gore said, and he wants it known that it’s something he strives for. 

“The coaches want the younger guys to look up to a player with good character,” he said. “If coach wanted a bucket of balls moved, I wouldn’t tell a younger player to move it for me. I would do it myself and lead with my actions.” 

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