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Grove’s Zedekai Donohue – Athlete spotlight presented by Goodfella’s Pizzeria

By Derrick Smith

High school students sit through many hours of class each year, learning and taking in each lesson. While the student may not enjoy every subject that they have to sit through, the teacher that they have can help have a positive impact and make the lesson more tolerable. Zedekai Donohue says that he has had a few teachers that have influenced him over the years.

“I have had a lot of really great teachers,” he said. “When I attended Turkey Ford Elementary, I had some teachers show me and teach me a lot. At Grove Middle School Mrs. Miller was my math teacher and Mrs. Martin was my English teacher. Both showed me a lot. They gave me respect and I gave it back to them. In high school Mrs. Lumen is an English teacher and Mrs. Praytor has been with me since middle school. She is like my mom but in school each of these teachers had a big impact on my life.”

Donohue is a senior at Grove High School where he plays multiple sports for the Ridgerunners. On the football team, he plays tight end and defensive end, while on the basketball court, he plays center. When he is playing soccer he can play left back, center back, and right back.

Along with teachers, Zedekai says that there is a special group of people that have always been there for him and helped shape him into the person he is today.

“The biggest influences in my life have been my family,” he said. “My mom and grandparents have shown me respect, responsibility, manners, and hard work. They have lived that out in front of me.”

Success is something that every person strives for and an athlete like Zedekai is no different. He knows what it takes to be the best he can be. 

“There is a lot that is required for me to be successful in the sports I play,” he said. “I practice hard and play even harder, I give my 110 percent for games. I listen to my coaches and do what they told me to do the best I can.”

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