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Bartlesville’s Jaci Decker tells what soccer has taught her – Presented by Crossing 2nd

Photo by Andrea Bastings

VYPE: What are your goals for this season? 

Jaci: My goals for this upcoming season is to be a leader for our team and to leave an impact on the younger classes.

VYPE: What has your sport taught you that you use in your daily life? 

Jaci: Soccer has taught me a lot in life. It has taught me to persevere through hardships, be self- disciplined, and that you have to work hard for the things you want.

VYPE: Who is your favorite teacher from any grade and why?

Jaci: My favorite teacher was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Amy Williams. She made my 3rd grade school year so much fun. 

VYPE: Who inspires you and why?

Jaci: The person that inspires me most is my younger brother, Braxton. We are both super competitive so we are always pushing each other to be better.

VYPE: What teammate has left the biggest impression on you and why? 

Jaci: A teammate that has left the biggest impression on me is Jessica Carithers. She is one of my best friends and growing and playing soccer with her has been a huge blessing. 

VYPE: What is your favorite part about being on a team?  

Jaci: My favorite part about being on a team is the friendships that I have made.

VYPE: You can pick any place for a summer vacation, where do you go and who do you take with you? 

Jaci: If I could pick anywhere to travel for a summer vacation, I would choose Greece. I would go with my mom because she’s my best friend.

VYPE: Why are you passionate about your sport?

Jaci: I am passionate about soccer because it pushes me to be a better person on and off the field.

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