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Bartlesville’s Andrew Blain – Teacher of the Month – Presented by Union State Bank

Andrew Blain
Madison Middle School
In 2013 Madison Middle School’s Andrew Blain started his career as an educator. In his 11 years as a teacher, Blain has taught at both Madison and Central Middle Schools with a two-year stint at Oklahoma Wesleyan. Oklahoma Wesleyan is why Mr. Blain ended up in the Bartlesville area.

“I grew up in north Idaho and graduated from Timberline High School in Weippe, Idaho. I came down to Bartlesville to attend Oklahoma Wesleyan University where I completed my undergrad and my master’s degree,” said Blain.

The decision to enter into education was made based on the potential to make an impact on others.

“I don’t think I can point to one specific person that influenced me to become a teacher but rather a system of fantastic teachers in my childhood. I watched so many individuals have positive impacts on my life as well as the lives around me. I wanted that for my life from a young age. Add in my love of sports and here I am,” said Blain.

Getting students and faculty involved in activities and making an impact on the community is what drives Mr. Blain.

“We do have quite a few entire student body activities. The main ones that I facilitate are our Teachers vs. Students games. The last day of school before most major breaks we do a game where students can sign up and play either dodgeball, kickball, basketball, or volleyball against the teachers. It’s a really fun way to build relationships with students through play, as well as go into break on a high note,” said Blain.

It’s just one of the rewards Mr. Blain said he receives as a teacher. The relationships are the true reward.

“The most rewarding part of my job is hands down the relationships with students. I have the opportunity to get to know some awesome people and share what I love with them. I can’t think of a better way to live my life,” said Blain.

Bartlesville has become a special place for Mr. Blain. A place he is proud to call home.

“Bartlesville is the only place I have ever taught. The amount of support that I have received from parents and the community in every aspect of my teaching and coaching career has been unbelievable. Pretty much every time I’ve had an idea or something that I wanted to do, regardless of what it was or what it costs, I have gotten absolute support from the community. It makes my job remarkably easy to have that kind of backing,” said Blain.

Away from the classroom, you can usually find Mr. Blain spending time with his family.

“At this point in my life, I enjoy doing whatever I can with my family in my free time. Watching my kids grow and experience the world around them is the joy of my life right now,” said Blain.

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