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Bartlesville’s Anna Young – Swim Spotlight – Presented by RibCrib

Anna Young

Bartlesville High School

 A new face to the Bartlesville High School swim team is making a name for herself as a great swimmer and even better person and teammate. Anna Young is only a freshman, but she is competing at a high level and will certainly help the Bruins this season.

Young has competed in swimming for six years but being part of the varsity team at Bartlesville High is exactly where she wants to be.

“I think what I love most about being a high school student is just the excitement. There is always something fun going on, every day is something new and challenging,” said Young.

Young said her teammates have encouraged and helped her get through the tough practices. Young is setting a goal for herself this season and with the help of her teammates, she will likely reach it.

“The thing I love the most about my teammates is they always know how to lighten the mood. When we’re going through a hard set, they always know the right thing to say, and what to say to keep people going,” said Young. “My goal for this season is to break five minutes in the 500 free. I feel like the team is really strong together, we all care about each other in our own way.”

While college is still in the distance, Young is focused on making good grades in the classroom.

“My favorite subject is probably English, although my favorite teacher is my Biology teacher Mrs. Brown,” said Young. “I don’t really know my plan for college yet.”

In her free time Young said she enjoys reading, being at home or spending time with friends. 

Photo by Heather Shoesmith

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