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Bartlesville’s Erika Niko Slowpitch Softball – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Patriot Auto

The life of a high school athlete can be busy at times. Not only do they have to make sure that they complete their school assignments, but they also have to show up at practice and games, and some may have to squeeze in an after-school job. The athletes that are successful in this juggling act are those who know how to give the right amount of attention to each task.

Erika Niko is a softball player at Bartlesville High School. She enjoys the sport and has played softball for about twelve years. Throughout her career, Niko has worked hard, not only at her sport but also to be able to be as good of a student in the classroom as she is an athlete on the softball field.

“I balance my time by making sure that I plan out everything I need to do and by knowing what my priorities are,” she said. “I think my time management and ability to be present are things that have improved over my time in high school.” As a student-athlete, Niko says while juggling multiple things at once can be tough, it will
help you as a person in the long run.

“I think I love the things that being a student-athlete teaches you the most because learning how to balance the two can be difficult at times but can teach you so many things that you can take with you throughout life.”

Leadership is an important part of any team and when a student-athlete wants to lead the team or group, Erika says they have to be willing to do the things a leader does.

“I think there are many qualities that make someone a good leader and teammate but the one that I think is most important is being able to care for and put others above yourself.”

Whenever she is not studying or practicing, Niko enjoys being with her loved ones while she has the opportunity.

“During my free time, I like to spend time with my family especially at this time before I go to college,” she said. “After I graduate from high school, I plan on going to Oklahoma State University and majoring in Microbiology.”

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