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Bartlesville’s Julia McKissick Athlete Spotlight Presented by Tulsa Bone & Joint Sports Medicine

Julia McKissick

Bartlesville High School

For close to the entirety of her school days, Julia McKissick of Bartlesville High School has played the game of tennis. From elementary to high school, McKissick has spent countless hours in practice and competing in tournaments. 

“I’ve played tennis for almost nine years, I started in third grade,” said McKissick. 

Now competing for Bartlesville HS as one-half of the No. 1 doubles team, McKissick said she continues to improve her game where it counts. 

“The part of my game that is most improved for this season is my doubles strategy. The things I enjoy most about tennis is the endless number of skills you can work on and all the people you meet,” said McKissick. 
 While tennis keeps her busy, McKissick said she does find time for activities outside of tennis. 

“I’m really not involved in a ton outside of tennis at school. I’m in National Honor Society and am taking a BioMed class at Tri-County Tech, but school is keeping me pretty busy. After I graduate, I definitely want to go to college but I’m not sure what I want to major in yet. Once I’m done with college I want to travel and try living in different places,” said McKissick. 
 For McKissick, it may not get any better than competing with friends and representing your school. She admits there have been a lot of great memories on and off the court. “My favorite memory competing for Bartlesville was probably regional last year because I was worried all season about qualifying for state and it was a big relief when I did. The thing I enjoy most about my teammates is how everyone gets along and is supportive of each other,” said McKissick.

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