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Bartlesville’s Lauren Murray – Mom of the Month – Presented by Restorations Medical Spa

Lauren Murray

Bartlesville Mom of the Month

Former Norman High School graduate Lauren Murray, now mother of two, is serving as the Vice President of the Bartlesville cheer booster club. Oldest daughter Blythe is a junior and a varsity cheerleader at Bartlesville High School, and youngest daughter Reese is a fifth grader and participates in competitive cheer at Top-Flight Athletics.

 Murray said being a volunteer means supporting the teams in many ways from organizing trips and activities to fundraising.

“I currently serve as the Vice President of the Bartlesville cheer booster club and volunteer with the Bartlesville High School Parent Support Group. As a cheer mom, my goal is to support our coaches and our squad through fundraising, organizing and being present when and how the coaches need me,” said Murray. “This can look like bringing meals to the squad on game days, ordering or providing supplies, creating hype material like posters and gameday support for BHS team athletes, coordinating parent meet ups for competitions, taking board meeting minutes, lots of fundraising, being a driver to camps, parades, and squad fundraisers, checking our elementary Youth Night performance kids in and then helping manage them on sidelines, and lots of little simple things, like braiding hair and painting faces.  As a member of the Parent Support Group, I serve on the Teacher Luncheon Committee, the Teacher Appreciation Committee, the Graduation Stage Committee, and a Fundraising Committee.”

For Murray, the enjoyment volunteering is being with her kids and supporting the team.

“My favorite thing about volunteering is being present for my children. I love spending time with my kids and absolutely love being part of what makes them happy. I appreciate getting to know the people who are influencing my kids daily, their coaches and teachers, and have met some amazing parents along the way too,” said Murray.

Murray said it’s important for parents to be involved in their kids lives.

“It is important for parents to be involved in their kids’ activities because, in my opinion, there’s not a more important role in this world than being a loving parent. I want my children to know that when they look into the crowd from the sidelines, they’ll see the proud, smiling faces of their parents and know that they’re loved and supported in their interests. We have the responsibility of raising the next generation of leaders, parents, philanthropists, and game-changers,” said Murray. “I take that responsibility seriously and strive to raise good human beings who are ready to take on the world and serve their future families and communities someday. This requires being involved and present not only for my children, but also for those who support them—their teachers and coaches. My heart finds joy in serving those who serve my children. I firmly believe that we, as parents, have an obligation to work alongside our coaches and educators to create a more functional environment for both them and the students. Many hands make light work.”

The Bartlesville school system has been great for Murray and her family.

“What I like most about the Bartlesville school system is the staff, coaches, and educators who go the extra mile. We have many dedicated individuals, including some truly awesome principals, counselors, librarians, office staff, teachers, and coaches who genuinely care. They invest extra time, make you feel welcome, listen, encourage, push you a little harder, and show you how to be your best self,” said Murray.

When they are not at a cheer competition or practice, you can usually find the Murray family watching good movies, trying new restaurants, and traveling as often as their schedule allows.

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