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Bartlesville’s LeeAnn Meade – Mom of the Month- Presented by Ignite Medical Resorts

LeeAnn Meade
Bartlesville Area Mom of the Month
LeeAnn Meade and her husband Cody have two kids in the Bartlesville school district.
Their daughter Kena is a junior on the varsity cheer squad and a cosmetology student.

“Kena just got her driver’s license, so she is enjoying running herself places along with her friends. She’s also in tumbling for cheer and loves taking her brother somedays after school to get ice cream, now that she is driving. She loves babysitting and housing sitting for people for their pets,” LeeAnn said.

Their son, Kruze, is in the third grade and involved in football, boxing, and wrestling.

“He is really into high school football and loves getting to know all the big boys. Which I think is a great interaction for him. He has been playing football for four years, boxing almost three years and one year of wrestling.”

As a family, everyone is involved in volunteering including the kids.

“Both of our kids help volunteer in all things that we do such as Quarterback club,
Bartlesville Cheer Booster Club, Washington County Sheriff’s office events, as well as
Chevron-Phillips & Dewey Volunteer Fire Department events,” said LeeAnn.
The mother of two is the chair of the fundraising committee for the varsity cheer team in her first year on the board.

“We are a very young, large new squad and have a lot of new parents being involved, we are trying to help alleviate some of the busy time and consuming tasks from the coaches. So they can focus more on coaching and let us parents deal with fundraising, planning events and other ideas for the squads,” said LeeAnn.  

Being part of her kids activities and serving the community is important to LeeAnn and her family.

“I feel it shows children that people care about them and want great things for them.

Being involved in your community and giving back is very important. It gives kids someone to look up to and remember that, that person helped with their sports event or maybe they needed to vent to someone. Therefor they know your face with being around the sport so much, they feel comfortable talking with you. You could definitely be a light to someone’s future. I am currently serving three boards right now and my husband is on three or four as well. My husband Cody and I have always told our kids that being involved in your community is highly important and shows others that it’s great to step up and help with whatever that involvement may be,” said LeeAnn.

It takes a team to do what the parents do in Bartlesville. LeeAnn said there are many people who devote their time to the team.

“Our fundraising committee is made up of four moms. Meghan, Dani and Justine. I feel like we have a great group trying to push some great ideas forward for our girls this year. We are very excited and have already seen great response for those fundraising ideas. Also shout out to our coaches Kristin and Olivia for letting us make ideas and run with them,” said LeeAnn.

Beside spending most of their time being involved in our kids’ activities, events and school sports, the Meade family loves to go jeep riding, go to the lake and just being out and about.

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