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Bartlesville’s Liberty Daniels – Mom Spotlight – Presented by Restorations Medical Spa

Liberty Daniels has always been heavily involved with her children and their sports activities in Bartlesville.

Her youngest, Isabell Daniels, is a junior third baseman/shortstop on the Bruins’ softball team. Isabell has also played basketball in the past but now focuses on softball year round.

“All my children played sports and I was lucky to be able to coach all of them in at least one or two sports,” Liberty said.

Liberty helps at softball games as a gatekeeper and also works in the concession stand.

“Liberty is always willing to step up,” Bartlesville softball head coach Kyle Minton said. “She is extremely supportive of her daughter, Isabell, in striving for success on and off the field.”

“Coaches are very underappreciated and undervalued and they need the support of the players’ parents,” Liberty said. “God tells us to love one another and I hope through being involved and volunteering to help support those around me my children will learn from my example and do the same.”

Outside of her support to the softball program, Liberty also volunteers at her church, assisting in children’s programs. She helps support the homeless through the Salvation Army, and recently volunteered at a local warming shelter for the needy.

“Getting to know people and helping them the best I can, even if it is in a very small way, is very rewarding,” she said. “I also am very involved in my children’s activities, whether it was coaching when they were little or working the concession stands and fundraising. 

“It has always been very important for me to keep my kids active with the idea that keeping them busy will keep them out of trouble, but I volunteer to make sure I am staying connected and present in my child’s life.”

Liberty says traveling to games and practices are her favorite times, times that are well spent.

“It’s spending that quality time talking to them in the car,” she said. “Or debriefing on the way about how to overcome challenges. 

“I feel it is also very important to support the coaches and leaders in my children’s lives. Leading/coaching is very stressful and I appreciate their time and dedication that they are putting in and want to always find ways to make their job a little easier or more joyful.”

Family times are spent at church, enjoying meals together and family vacations to the beach.

“My family loves to attend church together, we enjoy meals together, even if just a simple one at home, which is rare because we are on the go so much. We enjoy family vacations to the beach,” Liberty said.

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