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OK Union’s Emma Lemos – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Excel Therapy

By Derrick Smith

Cheerleaders are always there on the sidelines of football and basketball games, ready to cheer their team to victory. But there is a lot of work and preparation that goes on before they hit the sidelines or travel to competitions. Emma Lemos says that being an outstanding cheerleader is work but for her, it is enjoyable too.

“Being successful in cheer requires many hours of practice,” she said. “And not just practice in school, but you also have to be willing to put in extra work away from regular practice. You also have to love what you do.  Your attitude is what everyone sees. Enthusiasm is contagious and leads to team spirit and success.”

Lemos is a sophomore at Oklahoma Union High School, where she is a flyer on the school cheer team. This will be her fourth year as a cheerleader and she says that she is proud of the strides that she has made over those four years.
“I am shy and under confident,” she stated. “Yet the over demanding side of my personality motivates me to do the things that I am scared to do or the things I wish to do when it comes to cheerleading.  When I see a cheerleader or other cheer squads on Instagram or social media it also inspires me to follow my passion which is cheerleading.  My teammates are also some of my biggest role models and I am so glad to be able to work with them each and every day.”

There are a number of things that she enjoys about being a cheerleader, but Lemos says that there are a few things that she enjoys the most. 

“I love to learn new pyramids,” she stated. “And we love to learn band dances and perform them at games. But hearing the crowd cheer and support our team is the best part of being a cheerleader.”

Emma says that while being a cheerleader can be a tough schedule at times, she has figured out a way to make it work.
“I have had to develop a balance,” she said. “Being a part of a sport can be overwhelming at times. You have to analyze the days and weeks and create a balance between school, sports and your social life.  Be organized and disciplined to handle your responsibilities.”

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