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Barnsdall’s Easton Malone – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Barnsdall Athletics

By Kevin Lantz

Barnsdall’s running back Easton Malone has a few solid role models in his life to help shape him in and outside of athletics.

“My first role model is Jesus Christ. He gave me the ability to run and to also spread his word,” said the sophomore. “Then there is coach Hawes, my defensive coordinator whom I have known for a long time. I always told my mom and dad that I am going to grow up and be coach Hawes. He has taught me a lot, not only about football but also about how to become a man and be a role model myself for the kids that may look up to me.”

Malone continued to speak about his faith by saying, “That is my number one goal, to spread His word and secondly be that guy that kids look up to because one never really knows how many eyes are on you.”

You can bet that Barnsdall’s opponents will have their eyes on Malone for the next couple of years after he scored six touchdowns and ran for almost 400 yards as a freshman.

Malone, who loves poetry, will be trying to teach opponents in the next couple of years some poetry lessons on the field by trying to disguise his story and hoping that the defenses don’t figure out the meaning of the Panther plays.

Malone is your typical high school student that likes to hang out with friends and play Xbox but he also likes to lift weights and run, which shows that he is still serious about the game. He is in the school’s student council and is active in FCA.

Malone said that as of now his plans are to go wherever God takes him.

“If He opens up a door for me in football or wrestling, I am going to take it.” Malone made it clear as well, by closing with this,  “God chooses. I just follow. I am hoping that He does let me compete in the future but if it’s not in His will, then we will just have to wait and see what is.”

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