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Bartlesville’s Mom Of The Mom- Mandy Cummings-Franks – Presented By Ignite Medical Resorts

High school athletes put in a lot of work in order to be their best. And though how they perform on the field or court is important to their immediate success, Mandy Cummings-Franks says that there is more to it than just playing the sport.

“I have always been a believer in being involved in athletics in high school,” she stated. “I find it important to learn how to work hard with a team. I also find it important for kids to be under a coach and learn how to take instruction. In today’s youth, it’s also important to have something that gives them a break from electronics.”

Mandy has four children that have been or are currently students in the Bartlesville school district and have been involved in athletics.

“My three oldest have all played high school sports,” she stated. “They competed in track, cross country, football, soccer, and or basketball. My youngest Brook is a junior that plays Tennis. This will be her last season due to her graduating early.”

While she enjoys cheering on her kids from the stands, Cummings-Franks is also involved in different parts of the athletics at Bartlesville.

“I have always been involved in my children’s athletic careers by volunteering wherever I was needed,” she said. “I have especially loved our tennis moms. It is such a small group where every parent is participating in some way so not everything falls on one person. We have an amazing group of moms and dads. I am also a member of the booster club.”

More than just the athletics, Mandy says that Bartlesville is a great place to live and be a part of everything going on.

“Bartlesville High School and the town of Bartlesville is a great town to raise your children in,” she said.

“There is love in this community towards our school and the kids. We have the best Parent Support Group out there. They are always coming up with ideas and activities for this community. The PSG also donate so much of their time to make Bartlesville Public Schools the best school it can be.”

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