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Kansas Cheer Team – Presented by Red Crown Credit Union

Sarah Cheek started coaching the Kansas cheer squad during basketball season in January 2023. Since then, she has constantly worked to make the Kansas cheer program a great team to join. Thanks to her hard work, the team has developed into a solid squad that works hard to improve on their craft. 

“Our squad at Kansas has put in countless hours over the summer to build up the program. Only two cheerleaders are returners from Fall 2022 and eight are new to the sport. Our number one goal has been to rise above adversity and become a squad our entire school can be proud of. We are committed to continue learning and growing through the season and I couldn’t be more proud of the growth from our first spring practice to now,” said Cheek. “Many of these girls have jobs, are multi-sport athletes, are straight A students, have struggles at home… they have every reason in the world to not give 100 percent, yet they always do. They practice late hours, attend open gyms at our local all-star gym, attend extra tumbling practices, and push through each struggle that comes their way. They reach out to each other when they need help and know their team will be there to help should they need it. They make it easy to love coaching them and I know they will continue to improve this season and for years to come.” 

This season the captains are junior Milly Mallow, senior Cadence Sehr, and senior Molly Thrapp. The captains have been a crucial part of helping this team come together, but they will also tell you the work the entire team puts in is what makes the difference. 

“I’m most proud of how hard these girls have worked and how many hours they have put in to be able to bring spirit to our sidelines. For most of them, going from “I have no idea what to do” in March to having the confidence to step in front of a crowd and be a cheer-LEADER rather than a cheer-FOLLOWER has been our goal from the start. They have faced this challenge head on with grace and grit. While only three girls hold the title of “captain” I have many more who have stepped up and shown tremendous leadership on and off the field,” said Cheek. 

The team consists of: Freshmen- Gabriella Russell, Emily Sanders, Sophomore Annabelle Oliveira, Juniors Ashlyn Potter, Dixie Alderson, Annastasha Williams, Jillian Mejia, Shengyeng Lee, Eleona Gonzalez, Hayley Longoria,  Milly Mallow (captain),  Seniors Zoey Kelly, Cadence Sehr (captain), and Molly Thrapp (captain).

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