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Locust Grove

Locust Grove’s Tiarra Williams – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Red Crown Credit Union

Success is something that everyone strives for. Though it may look different to each individual person, success has to be worked for and not just handed over. Tiarra Williams knows what it has taken for her to be successful and she knows what she is working for.

“You have to be willing to work hard,” she said. “You cannot give up, you have to overcome the obstacles that are infront of you, and you need to have a positive attitude. I keep myself motivated by working hard to overcome the challenges and my desire to play at the next level.”

A senior at Locust Grove High School, Tiarra is a member of the softball and basketball teams. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed a number of memorable moments, but she has a couple that are at the top of her list.

“My highlight moment on the softball field is when we were down by a couple of runs in a game earlier this season,” she stated. “We played hard to the very end and did not give up and we got the victory to continue our winning streak. My top basketball memory is when I scored nineteen points and had eleven rebounds in the  Adair Tournament helping our team win the title.”

Throughout her life, Williams has had people that have been there to help her along the way. But she says that she would not be the person or the athlete she is today without one very important person.

“God is my role model,” she stated. “He tells us to not be afraid, do everything for him, and do good work because without him I wouldn’t have the ability I do today. Another influence on my life has bee Joy Tatum because she has always been there for me and willing to help me with my needs.”

When Tiarra and her teammates step out on the field or court, they always want to walk away with a win. But Williams says that there are certain teams that are more fun to beat.

“In softball, anytime we can beat one of the top ranked teams in our class, it is special,” she said. “Because it shows we can compete to move up in the rankings. On the basketball court, I always enjoys when we beat Salina because they are our rival.”

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