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Pryor’s Brooklynn Stohler – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Rhett Minson State Farm

High school athletes can have a variety of reasons that they decide to play sports. It could be because they love playing the sport, they enjoy the competition, or they want to play alongside their friends. Brooklyn Stohler enjoys playing sports, but she says that on reason she plays is for her school.

“It means a lot to me to be able to represent my school and community when I step on the field,” she said. “I know that I am playing for the name on the front not the name on the back.”

Brooklyn is a junior at Pryor High School, where she plays softball and runs track for the Tigers. In order to get where she is today, Stohler has put in a lot of hard work. While the work is important she she said motivation also goes a long way.

“It takes a lot of repetition and consistency in order to be successful,” she said. “The more work that you do will help you continually get better. Last season, we lost in the state semi-finals and it left a bad taste in our mouths. That motivates me because I do not want that to happen again.”

During her life, Stohler has had a few people that have made a positive impact on her life and helped her become the person that she is today.

“My mom and dad are my role models,” she said. “They are always there for me and they push me to get better and be the best version of myself that I can be. Also, coach Thorman is important to me because he taught me that a letter grade does not define you as a person. Finally, I am a Christian and I thank God before every game. If I didn’t have Him by my side, I would not be able to do the things I do.”

Pryor head coach softball coach, Chell Looney, says that Brooklynn is a great teammate on and off the field.

“Brooklynn is a great teammate and good leader,” she said. “On the field she leads by example. She stays calm and collected whether things are going great or not. She always has a business like approach and good work ethic. Off the field she is a straight A student and a great kid.”

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