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Miami’s Trey Tanner – athlete spotlight presented by Rib Crib

By Derrick Smith

Athletes at all levels of competition experience memorable moments that stick with them for a long time. This could be a personal milestone or a team achievement, but either way, the moment is ingrained in that athlete’s mind.

Trey Tanner, who is a senior at Miami high school, has played multiple sports over his career but says that there is one moment that stands out as his favorite. 

“We were playing basketball against Jay last season,” he recalled. “I hit a three-pointer with four seconds to go in the game, making the score 48-47. We ended up winning the game and it was a great feeling to know that I had a part in it.”

For Wardogs, Tanner plays the post on the basketball court and he plays doubles on the tennis court. 

There has been a lot of work that Trey has put in over his athletic career. But even with all that work, he says that there is something that has been a big help for him.

“I would say the most important part of being successful in sports, or anything for that matter, is having the right mindset,” he said. “I know that it sounds cheesy and we’ve all heard it hundreds of times, but there’s a good reason for it. If you go into a game without being one hundred percent certain that you’re going to outclass the other team in every way, then you’ve already lost. The mental game is arguably more important than the physical one. You can be the strongest or the fastest guy out there, but if you don’t believe that you’re going to win, then all that practice was for nothing.”

Tanner says that he has been blessed with a great group of friends that have helped him become the person that he is.

“I would say that some of my biggest influences I’ve had would be my friends,” he stated. “They’re a group of people that I feel like I can be myself around, along with making me a more confident person overall.”

Along with sports, he is also a member of the FCCLA and the STEM club.

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