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Bartlesville Area

Northeast Oklahoma Players to Watch – Presented by Tulsa Bone & Joint

Zoe McCabe

Players to Watch


Harrison Clark – Bartlesville

Harrison is a senior and a three-year varsity starter. He starts in left field and hits in the middle of the lineup and is an outstanding leader. He also played in the OK State games this summer at OSU.

Tate Lewis – Dewey

Tate was the leader of the pitching staff last year and looks to be the same this season.

Bryce Gillispie – Oklahoma Union

Bryce is a pitcher and outfielder who has recently signed with Labett Community College. 

Girls Soccer

Zoe McCabe – Bartlesville

Zoe has led the team in scoring for the last three years. She has been selected for the All-District team her freshman, sophomore, and junior years. She has also signed her letter of intent to play with the University of Oklahoma next year.

Underclassmen to Watch


Brendan Asher – Bartlesville

Brendan is a hard-working kid that has the potential to be a really outstanding baseball player. 

Zane Griggs – Dewey

Throughout the offseason, Zane put in a lot of time and is ready to make an impact this upcoming season.

Bode West – Oklahoma Union

West, while one of the younger players on the team, looks to be a key player this year.

Girls Soccer

Jessica Carithers – Bartlesville

Jessica is an all-around great kid and athlete that has worked hard to get where she is today. 

Unsung Heroes


Eric Olenberger – Bartlesville

Eric works hard to make an impact on the team. He does all the work that is asked of him.

Cole Hancock – Dewey

Whatever it takes to help the team is what Cole is always ready to do, even the dirty work.

Jeron Bottoms – Oklahoma Union

Bottoms is an outstanding player, but the stuff he does may not always show up on the stat sheet.

Girls Soccer

Riley Waits – Bartlesville

Riley is an outstanding player for her team and she is always ready to whatever she needs to do to be able to help her team.

Grand Lake Area Players to Watch

Players to Watch


Alex Oliver – Grove

Alex is an outstanding baseball player that has signed to play at Coffeyville Community College next season. He will start in the outfield and also be a big arm on the mound for the Ridgerunners.

Wilson Rife – Vinita

Rife is a junior that can swing the bat very well. Has a good arm and the team looks to get innings out of him after a shoulder injury sidelined him from playing defense in 2021.

Boys Soccer

Roger Hernandez – Commerce

Roger has been a part of the Commerce soccer program for all four years. He has dedicated his time and effort to perfecting the art of soccer as well as his leadership skills. He is a great addition to the team and will strive to make this season remarkable.

Tyler Helton – Grove

Having Helton on the field is like having a coach out there. He is a smart and dependable player. 

Damen Dillingham, Jordy Andres, and Shane Douthit – Miami

The three seniors on this year’s squad, they are all three outstanding players that will have a big impact on the team’s success this season.

Girls Soccer

Jovana Moreno – Commerce

Jovana is a three-year returning starter that has consistently demonstrated a high skill level at every position. Her relentless effort and exceptional skill help to set the tone for the team and effectively raises the level of play for all those around her.

Megan Gibbs – Grove

Megan is a talented player, capable of playing anywhere on the field. She led the team in scoring as a freshman in 2019, before moving back into the midfield in 2021. Megan is a high IQ soccer player who makes all of her teammates better. She is dominant in the air, while also being able to thread the final ball or finish off an attacking move herself. She is a vocal leader who helps her teammates out on and off the field.

Underclassmen to Watch


Brady Robinson – Afton

Brady is the type of kid that truly loves baseball. His work ethic is second to none. As a freshman, Brady will see a lot of meaningful innings on the mound and hit in an early slot in the lineup.

Caden Gain – Grove

Caden is a skilled athlete that works hard and always tries to be his best.

Hunter Todd – Vinita

Entering this season, Hunter is looking to make an impact on the team.

Boys Soccer

Cesar Carrillo – Commerce

A hard worker, Cesar is one that gives it his maximum effort every time he steps on the field. 

Christopher Johnson – Grove

Johnson is a strong competitor that has put in a lot of time and effort to get where he is today.

GIrls Soccer

Shannon Barnstead – Commerce

Barnstead is an all-around great kid and she brings a lot of excitement to the team.

Madelyn Kitchen – Grove

She excels on the field and in the classroom. She is also a great teammate that cares about her team.

Unsung Heroes


Hayden Chandler – Grove

He is a terrific kid that is always willing to do whatever he can to help his teammates.

Paul Glasscock – Vinita

Paul loves the game of baseball, and you can see that every time he steps on the field. 

Boys Soccer

Gabe Martinez – Commerce

Gabe is an outstanding team player and all of his contributions to the team do not show up on the stat sheet.

Jordan Helsel – Grove

When Helsel is on the field, he gives it everything he has and works as hard as he can.

GIrls Soccer

Joy Fuentes – Commerce

Joy is a fun kid that works hard and is always ready to compete. 

Anna Bacon – Grove

On and off the field, Anna is a great teammate and is coachable.

Claremore Area Players to Watch

Players to Watch


Ethan Grimmett – Claremore

Ethan is a three-year starter that played third base last season. Not only is he a great baseball player, but he also had a big impact on the football field earning defensive player of the year honors. He will have a big impact on the baseball field this season.

Jeremiah Harmon – Kansas

Jeremiah is a hard-working young man and a great teammate. He is an asset for the Kansas baseball team.

David Fogelman – Locust Grove

An outstanding three-sport athlete, Fogelman is a great baseball player. He plays shortstop and has a good bat.

Josh Gore – Pryor

Gore is a senior that had solid numbers last season and will be called on again this season. .457 batting average, 49 runs, 26 stolen bases, and 44 RBI’s.

Boys Soccer

Ethan Bartee – Pryor

He is a three-time team leading goal scorer, a three-time All District team Selection, and a three-time team MVP. Bartee is also a two-time team captain.

Lex Puente – Verdigris

Lex is a very good player that can read the field of play. Also has very good ball skills and can shoot the ball with both feet. He is a captain and was voted MVP last season. 

GIrls Soccer

Zette Erwin – Claremore

Zette is the leader of the team, selfless in everything she does, and is a hard worker. She never complains about where she plays and always embraces the challenge of the position.

Ashlynn Vargas – Pryor

Ashlynn is a solid athlete. Her speed and tenacity make her dangerous from any position on the front line.

Abagayle Barnes – Verdigris

Abagayle can play anywhere on the field. She is well rounded, has a motor that does not stop, and is willing to give everything she has every time she steps on the field. 

Underclassmen to Watch


Nick Garbani – Claremore

Garbani works hard on and off the field. He is an all-around athlete.

Zach Majors – Kansas 

A tough kid, Zach also has a high baseball IQ and that shows on the field. 

Cason King – Locust Grove

King is a talented player that will continue to have a bigger impact as he gets older. 

Riley Hurst – Pryor

Riley works hard at practice and in the classroom.

Boys Soccer

Carson Pendley – Pryor 

Carson has the potential to be a solid member of the Tigers team.

Chris Rogers – Verdigris

Chris has put in a lot of hard work to get where he is today. 

Girls Soccer

Allison Wiseman – Claremore

Allison will look to make an impact for the Lady Zebras this season.

Alexis Cavin – Pryor

Cavin is a great kid who knows how to work and prepare herself.

Kylee Dee – Verdigris

Dee put in a lot of work in the offseason to get ready for this season.

Unsung Heroes


Derek Scuggins – Claremore

Scuggins is one of those kids that will go out of his way to do whatever he can to help his team.

Elias Warren – Kansas 

Elias is a hard worker and a great teammate. 

Dane Turner – Locust Grove

Whatever the coaches ask is what Turner does. He is always reliable and ready to work. 

Nate Silkey – Pryor

Nate makes a lot of outstanding plays for the Tigers. He is a hard worker and knows what it takes to be his best. 

Boys Soccer

Chase Williams – Pryor 

Whether it is at practice or in the game, Williams always gives his one hundred percent effort.

Evan Crowell – Verdigris

Evan has the potential to have a breakout season for the Cardinals.

GIrls Soccer

Lilly Sweet – Claremore

Lilly is a strong player, though a lot of her contribution may not show up on the stat sheet.

Kaylee Monk – Pryor

Monk is a terrific kid that is there for her teammates and willing to help her team in any way she can.

Abigail Bell – Verdigris

Bell may not be the star of the team, but she is a key player that does whatever it takes.

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