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Grove’s Tyler Case – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Mark Lee Shelter Insurance 

High school athletes usually have a professional or collegiate sports role model that they look up to that competes in the same sport they play. Tyler Case is no different and says that the golfer he looks up to the most is a pretty well-known name.

“I would probably say that Phil Mickelson is someone that I look up to in golf,” he said. “He hits bombs off the tee and hits the sickest flop shots. He is also a great follow on social media.”

A sophomore at Grove High School, Case is the three-bag on the Ridgerunners golf team. He knows that working hard is the best way to get better at whatever you are trying to do.

“I am competitive in most things that I do,” he stated. “I practice a lot. But no matter how much time I put in on the course or driving range, there is always room for improvement and practice more.”

The teammates that he plays alongside on the course have also helped him become the player that he is today.

“The guys I enjoy going up against the most in practice are Zane Malone and Nathaniel East,” he said. “We are the top three on the team. Zane and Nathaniel are both a year above me and we battle for bags one through three every week. Going up against them has helped me get better at my game personally. Another teammate, Silas Smith, is probably one that I would consider the most underrated on the team. He is our four bag. If he does well, our team will finish well.”

When it comes to opponents that they go up against, Tyler has two that he enjoys defeating the most. 

“I would have to say probably Pryor or Miami are the teams I enjoy beating,” he said. “They are both close by and we always have good matches when we play.”

Along with sports, Case is also a member of the Academic Team, Math Club, and Safety Committee.

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