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Takahashi, Slow Pitch Team Beating Their Own Drum – Presented by Truity Credit Union

Nani Takahashi

Bartlesville High School

Varsity softball player and percussionist Nani Takahashi is ready to take the field for slow pitch season.

“For the slow pitch season, I think we have a team that can do it all. We have speed, power, and focus offensively and defensively. Throughout the past few months in practice everyone has grown as players, and I think that will be very clear when we begin playing,” said Takahashi.

As a student-athlete, Takahashi keeps a busy schedule which leaves her little free time.

“I love the community, there are always friends and family from Bartlesville that come to our games. Having some support is always great when you’re out on the field playing. I honestly don’t have a lot of free time between school, softball, band, and choir but when I do, I really enjoy reading and listening to music. I’m a percussionist for the band and have been the drum major the past two years throughout the fall. I’ve also rejoined choir this past year,” said Takahashi.

Now a junior, Takahashi has played softball for 10 years and she said her teammates and the softball community in Bartlesville is the best.

“I love the community that we have. They’re some of the most supportive people I know but we’re able to give feedback and people are willing to listen and help if you need it which I believe is hard to find,” said Takahashi.

In the classroom, the junior said her favorite subject is history.

“My favorite subject in school is history because I love to learn about real life things and people. Currently my favorite teacher is Mr. Vance who’s my AP Language and Composition teacher. He has taught me a lot throughout the school year so far, but he keeps the content engaging in many different ways,” said Takahashi.

Takahashi said after graduation in 2025, she plans to attend college for a degree in music education with the goal of becoming a band director.

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