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Cookson Hills

Cookson Hills’ Eric Ahimbisibwe – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Northeast Tech

Eric Ahimbisibwe is a senior and a student at Cookson Hills School where he plays basketball and runs cross country. Ahimbisibwe also takes courses at Northeast Tech in the Electrical Program. 

“I think that the electrical program was right for me because as a kid, I had always been fascinated by electricity and wanted to capture lightning in an internal reflecting prism to somehow create self-sustained energy. I am still chasing that dream but obviously using a different approach of creating the design for self-sustained energy and that is why I thought the electrical program was perfect for me. I have enjoyed every single moment of learning about electricity most likely because I have a great instructor,” said Ahimbisibwe. 

“I have enjoyed everything about my class, but I think that if I was to choose my favorite part, I would say that I enjoyed designing ladder logic,” he continued. “Whenever my instructor would challenge me with a project, I would have to think really hard about it and come up with a working design. I will admit that it was frustrating sometimes when I would present to him a working design but then he would tell me that there is a better way. When he would ask me to figure out that better way, it challenged my brain even more which I loved but disliked at the same time. He would give a hint but never reveal the whole design but believed in me to come to the design myself because then I would better understand it.” 

Ahimbisibwe said the environment at Northeast Tech is great for learning.

“I have enjoyed everything at Northeast Tech,” he said. “The amazing food, the nice people, my great instructors Mr. Wade Frizen and Mrs. Benson, the atmosphere, the amazing technology to use for school, the hands-on training, building and designing projects. I’ve enjoyed all of it.”

Ahimbisibwe plans to continue chasing his dream of inventing self-sustained energy after he graduates. 

“I will definitely be using the skills I have learned here at Northeast Tech, I have learned more than just about electrical engineering but I have been taught job etiquette; how to work with others/teamwork, how to treat those I don’t get along with, how to write a resume, and what to expect in an interview. I have learned way too many things that will definitely stay with me for the rest of my life,” said Ahimbisibwe. “I would advise them to definitely look for something they are interested in, love, and do not mind doing for the rest of their life for a job because I am excited about coming to Northeast Tech every day.” 

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