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Grove’s Baylee Gregg – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Mark Lee Shelter Insurance

By Derrick Smith

While every athlete will agree that hard work is important in becoming successful, there are also other things that have to play a role in that. Baylee Gregg says that your mind can play a big role in your level of success.

“Throughout all four years of playing varsity sports, I’ve found that teamwork really does make the dream work,” she said. “In basketball, you have to have good chemistry with your teammates in order to be successful. If you aren’t on the same page as some of the other girls then that can be detrimental to how you play together in a game. Another thing I’ve learned that has helped my team be successful in the past was our energy. Having a good attitude and hype crowd gave us a mental pick-me-up that helped us play better. Once we got excited and the momentum started rolling, there was no stopping us.”

As a senior at Grove High School, Baylee is a dual-sport athlete for the Ridgerunners. She plays forward and guard on the basketball court, while on the soccer team, she plays center back. 

Throughout her life, Baylee has had a number of people that have made an impact on her and helped shape her into the person she is today. But she knows that there is a special group that has played a bigger role in her life and she is thankful for them. 

“The biggest influences on my life have been my family,” she said. “They are always so supportive of me and show up to every game. They push me to always do my best and achieve my goals.”

Gregg has made a lot of memories over her athletic career, but she says there is one that stands out as her favorite. 

“Playing in the basketball state tournament was the highlight of my career,” she said. “I still get chills thinking about how excited we all were. We got free dinners from local restaurants in town, radio interviews, and so much more. Playing there was an amazing experience. We were on the big screen and a majority of my hometown came to OKC to support us.”

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