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Grove’s Nora Sheffield – Athlete Spotlight – Presented By Mark Lee-Shelter Insurance

Nora Sheffield is a student athlete at Grove High School. She enjoys life and has a lot of outstanding people that have had an influence on her life. She says that she has two teachers at her school that have both made a big impression on her and helped shape her into the person that she is today.

“Mrs. Duff and Mrs. Kerr both have significant impacts on my life. Mrs. Duff is the most patient, kind woman that I have ever known. She never fails to extend grace, generosity, and gentleness to her students. She begins every school day with the exact same thoughtful attitude. I admire the beauty that is reflected from her in her actions. A second teacher I admire is Mrs. Kerr. She brings so much light into our school building. She values relationship with her students and is always lending a helpful hand along with a smile. She endlessly spreads encouragement and motivation to all who are around her. I’m so very thankful for both of these influential women in my life.”

Sheffield, who is a junior, runs cross country and plays tennis for the Ridgerunners. The sports she competes in require a certain amount of preparation and she knows her preparation is a key to success.

“In order for me to be successful, it takes time, effort, mental determination, and an eagerness to perfect my skills ore key,” she said. “My motivation for the sports that I am involved in are the Lord, my family, and personal goals that I set for myself.”

While cross country is not necessarily considered a team sport, Nora says that she has a couple of teammates that stand out to her.

“In practice, I enjoy working against Mya Pellegrino,” she stated. “She’s a great runner and is constantly pushing me to get better and work harder. The least appreciated runner on our XC team might be Abbi Dyer. She has put so much effort and hard work into a sport that she continues to become better at, and I’m excited to see how far she will have come by the end of the season.”

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