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Jay’s Armando Newcomb – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by TH Rogers Lumber

By Payton Moody 

At Jay High School, the Bulldogs have found a rising star in Armando Newcomb, a sophomore football player whose dedication and hard work are already making ripples. As he takes his steps toward excellence on the football field, Newcomb shares insights into his journey, his goals and the valuable life lessons he’s learned through sports.

Newcomb’s journey has been shaped by Coach Barnwell, his favorite coach. “He has helped me with my performance and put me on a great path to succeed,” Newcomb remarks. 

While Newcomb might not single out specific teammates, he acknowledges the importance of his fan base. The unwavering support of fans can be a driving force for any athlete, and Newcomb values the encouragement he receives.

Off-seasons are where champions are made, and Newcomb’s dedication shines through. He shares his rigorous preparation, including workouts at the field house, lifting, and speed camps led by Coach Po and Cawyer. 

Beyond the touchdowns and tackles, football has taught Newcomb the value of discipline in his daily life. “It teaches me to push through the hard times,” he says, emphasizing the importance of perseverance. His understanding that success is not a final destination, but an ongoing journey drives him to stay focused and strive for continuous improvement.

Newcomb’s goals for this season are straightforward but significant. He hopes to become a better player and teammate, a testament to his commitment to both individual growth and team success.

In the world of high school football, matchups can be highly anticipated, and Newcomb looks forward to the challenges ahead. While he doesn’t single out a specific opponent, his eagerness to face tough competitors is palpable.

Beyond high school, Newcomb has big plans. He aims to continue his education while staying active in sports, showcasing his determination to excel not just on the field but also in the classroom.

Armando Newcomb’s journey in football is marked by hard work, discipline and a commitment to self-improvement. As he continues to make strides on the Bulldog field, his future is undoubtedly a promising one.

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