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Jay’s Tristan James – Student of the Month – Presented by Northeast Tech

By Derrick Smith

When a student reaches high school, they know the time is coming when they will have to decide what they are going to do after they graduate. Some will continue their education at the next level, others will immediately enter the workforce, and some will go in other directions. Tristan James is a junior at Jay High School and is also a student at the Afton Campus of Northeast Tech. He is taking Visual Communications because it will allow him to get a head start on his future.

“I decided on this course because I felt like I can use this for work and also help my community by combining my creative mindset and my work ethic,” he said. “I plan to get a job in graphic design when I am done and Northeast Tech is helping me get prepared for my future. They treat us like adults and teach us valuable skills for when we start looking for jobs.”

James received his first information about Northeast Tech when he was introduced to the previous instructor of the Visual Communications course, Kali Ward. He says that anyone can benefit from attending Northeast Tech, no matter what field you want to go into in the future.

“If someone is thinking about attending, I would tell them that they should join because there are so many other opportunities in addition to the course you chose, and you have so much more freedom than your high school.”

Tristan is a dual-sport athlete at Jay High School as a member of the football and wrestling teams. He enjoys playing sports and the work it takes in order to be the best.

“The one thing I enjoy most about competing is the hard work that you put in at practice and in the gym and how that pays off on game day.”

There have been a few people who have made a difference in Tristan’s life, but he says there is one person who had the biggest impact. 

“My dad would have to be my biggest role model,” he said. “Whenever I am in need of motivation or if I have questions about life, I always go to him and he is always there to help however he can.”

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