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Claremore Track Spotlight with Paiten Reavis – Presented by Red Crown Credit Union

A teammate is more than just a person that you compete next to in sports. In a lot of cases as you practice and play together, the team becomes more like a family. Paiten Reavis says that her softball and track teams at Claremore High School are always there for each other and work to make each other better.  She says that there is one person she enjoys going up against in practice for that reason.

“I have a teammate that I enjoy battling with,” she said. “Not in a negative way, but instead we push each other to do better. Rachel Yewell and I are very similar in speed and competitiveness, and we know how to push each other and get better with every practice. I would say that the least appreciated player on our team is more than just one person. I think it is the teammates that are always cheering us on. Without those teammates I wouldn’t be able to run or play the way I do. They don’t get the recognition they deserve for playing such a big role on the team. In track, they know exactly where they need to be to cheer, and I look forward to hearing them as I run.”

Reavis, who is a senior, has worked hard to become the athlete that she is today. And continually getting better is what drives her to keep working.

“It has taken years of hard work, staying after practice, practicing at home, competitiveness, keeping the right headspace, and of course, my teammate’s encouragement to get where I am today,” she stated. “Something that motivates me is the drive to want to be better and improve for myself and my teammates.”

As a young and inexperienced athlete, Paiten received advice and tips from a fellow teammate. And she says that relationship is what has helped her become the athlete and person she is today.

“One of my biggest influences is Ainsley Hendrickson,” she said. “She is a year older than me and took me in under her wing when I first started track. She was always my running buddy and taught me how to long jump in junior high. Later in high school we got the opportunity to run relays together.”

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