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Colcord’s Cooper Mott- Athlete Spotlight- Delaware County Stockyards

By Payton Moody 

Cooper Mott, a dynamic and multi-talented athlete, has left an indelible mark on the football field at Colcord High School. As a junior, Mott has already showcased incredible skills as a running back, tight end and middle linebacker. With impressive offensive and defensive stats, he has proven to be an invaluable asset to his team.

Mott’s offensive stats demonstrate his prowess as a running back, with an impressive 412 yards rushing and 8.6 yards per carry in just five games. Additionally, he has scored eight touchdowns, showcasing his ability to find the end zone. His commitment to the team is evident in his willingness to play tight end and make crucial blocks to support his teammates.

Within the Colcord community, Mott has found support from his teammates, particularly from Laran Thurman. “He’s always there to have my back or help when I need it,” Mott said, emphasizing the strong bonds forged on and off the field.

In the classroom, Mott’s favorite teacher, Brenton Cherry, has played a significant role in his life. “He made a deal with me to start training early in the morning to get better at football,” Mott said, highlighting the impact teachers can have beyond academics. “Since then, I have become stronger, faster, just a more dedicated player all the way around.”

As the off-season rolled in, Mott committed to rigorous preparation for the upcoming season. “I have practiced harder than ever before, went to private coaches, and made mental notes on my assignments,” he said.

The values instilled by football extend beyond the field for Mott. “Football taught me to show good sportsmanship even when others are not being good sports,” he said.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Mott has set ambitious goals for himself and his team. “I hope to have over 1,000 rushing yards and 130 tackles, and for our team to win state,” Mott said.

As the season unfolds, Mott eagerly awaits the matchup against their rivals, Kansas, in the very first game of the season.

Beyond high school, Mott has his sights set on playing college football, continuing his athletic journey while pursuing his education.

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