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Salina Wildcats Cheer – Team Spotlight – Presented By Hooker’s Sports Grill

By Derrick Smith

There is an old saying that says that a team is only as good as the sum of its parts. That is true for a lot of things but especially athletic teams. If the team does not work well together, they will not be able to succeed.
Chali Kingfisher is in her sixth year as the leader of the Salina Wildcats cheer team. She says that her team gets along well and is always there for each other.

“Our squad’s biggest strength would have to be their work ethic,” she said. “Whenever we are practicing, whether it is something new or something we have done a thousand times, they always work hard. They are also a great group that is always there for each other and encouraging those that need it. I am so proud of these girls and their hard work. We have practice at 6:00 AM at least two days a week. It is rough but they come in and work hard on whatever we have to work on that practice.”
Robbie Alberty is a senior member of the cheer team and says that supporting the school and working as a team is the best part of cheer.
“I enjoy getting to support all of the players and watch them exceed in everything they have been working for,” Alberty said. “I also enjoy the energy that is brought by everyone, from the players on the field to the fans. It makes cheering a lot more fun. I also love this team. They show up and work hard. we work well together and are always there for each other. It is almost like a family.”
Kingfisher says that her squad has done different things together, away from cheer to help grow the bond and chemistry.“We had a lock in this summer where we went to eat at Los Cocos and then stayed the rest of the night at the gym,” she said. “I am hoping we can go to the OSU cheer clinic again this year so we can attend an OSU game.”

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