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Miami’s Kylie Roche – Athlete Spotlight Presented by NEO Realty Group

Athletes work hard and are always willing to put in more work because they know that it will be beneficial to them and their success. Though sometimes they may work alone, some enjoy going up against a teammate to compare themselves and see how they are improving. Kylie Roche knows what it takes in order to be her best in tennis, but she also knows that working alongside her teammates can also be beneficial.

“It has taken a lot of determination and hard work for me to get where I am,” she said. “The saying ‘practice makes perfect’ definitely holds true. I like to battle against my teammate Jaidyn because her serves are really good and hard to hit back. Going up against her will make me a better player. Another teammate, Kim, is probably one of the least appreciated players. I think she has so much potential and drive to be one of the best.”

Roche, who is a senior, attends Miami High School and along with tennis is also a member of the dance team. She says that though she may not have a certain person that she looks up to, there are a number of people that have impacted her life in one way or another.

“I wouldn’t say I have a specific role model,” she said. “As long as they show up and put in the hard work, I see them as someone I want to be like or try to be like. I like someone like me, knowing that I worked hard and that next time I will work even harder.”

While she may not have a specific school that she likes to go up against, Kylie says that there is one type of person that she always enjoys beating no matter what the competition is.

“I like beating people who try to cheat or think it is okay to cheat,” she stated. “It should be a fair game, and everyone should have a fair shot.”

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